Lecture Notes

This is a collection of some of my lecture notes.
Term Course Lecturer Notes
Summer 24 Stable Groups Prof. Dr. Dr. Katrin Tent
Summer 24 Infinite Ramsey Theory Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Kwiatkowska
Summer 24 Model Theory and Combinatorics Prof. Dr. Martin Hils and Dr. Rob Sullivan
Winter 23/24 Logic III Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Kwiatkowska
Winter 23/24 Logic II Prof. Dr. Ralf Schindler
Summer 23 Probability Theory I Prof. Dr. Chiranjib Mukherjee
Summer 22 Lineare und ganzzahlige Optimierung Dr. Ulrich Brenner
Summer 21 Einführung in die Mathematische Logik Dr. Philipp Schlicht WIP
Summer 21 Algebra I Prof. Dr. Jens Franke
Winter 20/21 Einführung in die Algebra Prof. Dr. Jens Franke WIP

These lecture notes would not be possible without the excellent Latex Packages by Maximilian Keßler. Max also publishes his lecture notes and is in fact the one who got me started with this.
Also check out this blogpost by Giles Castel, where he explains how keep up with note-taking in mathematics lectures with LaTeX.
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